Our Mission

The mission of the Hamida Barmaki Organization is to develop an equitable Afghan society with a strong rule of law, in which people have access to justice and trust in human rights. Furthermore, the organization engages in capacity building of state institutions, civil society organizations and universities. We also support the development of legislation in accordance to international standards and Islamic values.

In order to reach its aims, the organization concentrates on three approaches: capacity building, awareness raising and academic research.

Most of its on-going projects facilitate capacity building of staff working for Afghan justice institutions, in public administration and related non-governmental organizations. The organization’s project variety ranges from first-class courses aimed at the leadership of Afghan ministries in Kabul to basic legal training for justice personnel in some of the weakest provinces of the country. Furthermore, the organization trains university lecturers and experienced law professionals in teaching methods and research techniques. Awareness raising programs aim to inform the population directly or indirectly about their rights.

The Hamida Barmaki Organization collaborates with civil society but also offers trainings for teachers and other agents of knowledge dissemination. Regarding research and support of the academia, the organization collaborates closely with its main partner, the Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law. It seeks to meet academic standards in all of its activities and supports its staff in the continuation of their higher education.

The Hamida Barmaki Organization plans to establish a semi-public research centre in which staff will work on training materials, analyses and evaluations. This research centre will be available to Afghan academics carrying out their own research. Furthermore, the foundation is currently in the progress of enlarging the growing library for domestic, international, comparative and Islamic law.

The Hamida Barmaki Organization, its representatives and its staff abide by the laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in all their activities.