Yearbook of Afghan Legal Studies

The Yearbook of Afghan Legal Studies (افغانستان حقوقی مطالعات سالنامه) is the first internationally recognized law journal in the history of Afghanistan. Its registration was confirmed by the ISSN International Centre in Paris on 19 January 2015 (ISSN 2410-1796).

The Yearbook contains six sections on public law, private law, criminal law, international law, interdisciplinary studies (such as legal theory, legal history, legal anthropology, legal sociology), and the rule of law. A section with book reviews will be added in future issues. All articles are published in Persian language with Pashto and English abstracts. Selected articles will also be published in English language in the HBORL Working Paper series.

The Yearbook is published in book form at the end each Persian calendar year. The complete content will be freely accessible published on this website one year later.

The permanent editors, Dr. Tilmann J. Röder and Sayed Hameed Zia, invite one guest editor for each issue. Dr. Abdullah Shefaee of Ibn-e Sina University (Kabul, Afghanistan) and Dr. Ghazaleh Faridzadeh from the Max-Planck-Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law are the guest editors  of the first volume (A.P. 1393).

A Scientific Board is advising the editors from different professional and academic perspectives. It consists of the following personalities:

Prof. Dr. Zakia Adili, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Department of International Relations, Kateb University, Kabul, for the areas of international relations and international law.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hashim Kamali, International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS), Malaysia for the areas of Islamic law and public law.

Prof. Dr. Ali Mohammad Mirzai, Ibn-e Sina Institute for Higher Education, Kabul for the areas of private law and commercial law.

Dr. Soraya Paykan, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled for the areas of family law and social law.

Mr. Ashraf Rasooli, Minister Advisor to the President, Kabul for the areas of public law and criminal law.

Prof. Dr. Ali Wardak, University of South Wales, United Kingdom for the areas of criminology and non-state justice systems.

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