Content of YALS 1(1393)

Yearbook of Afghan Legal Studies – Vol. 1 (1393)

Tentative Table of Contents

Preface: About the Yearbook of Afghan Legal Studies By the Chief Editors
Dr. Tilmann Röder, Mr. Sayed Hameed Zia (editors)

Address to the Distinguished Readers By the Scientific Board
Prof. Dr. Zakia Adili, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hashim Kamali, Dr. Ali Mohammad Mirzai, Dr. Suraya Paikan, Mr. Ashraf Rasooli, Prof. Dr. Ali Wardak

Section 1: Public Law

» Mohammad Hashim Kamali: Constitutional Interpretation and Adjudication and the Relationships between Executive and Parliament During Karzai’s Administration

» Mohammad Qasim Hashimzai: The Separation of Powers and the Problem of Constitutional Interpretation in Afghanistan

» Ramin Moschtaghi: The Principles of the Afghan Constitution and the Conflicts between Them

» Asifa Quraishi: Legal Pluralism in an Islamic State: Reflections on the Afghan Constitution

» Javad Taghizadeh: The Presidential Election in the Afghan Constitution

Section 2: Criminal Law and Criminology

» Hussein Gholami: Victim Rights in the New Afghan Criminal Procedure Code (Art. 6)

» Michael E. Hartmann and Agnieszka Klonowiecka-Milart: Criminal Law Reform in Afghanistan: Legal Transplants without Consensus-based Adaptation

Section 3: Private Law

» Abdullah Shefaee, Forced Marriages in Afghanistan

» Mohammad HashimKamali; Islamic Family Law Reform: Problems and Prospects

» Mohammad Yusuf Saleem: Afghan Laws on Islamic Finance: Lessons from Malaysia

Section 4: International Law

» Mansour Jafarian: The Legal Framework Governing the Helmand River: An International Law Perspective

» Mohsen Abdollahi: Afghan Children’s Right to Education in Iran in Light of International Law

» Humayoun Rahimi: The Current Status of Afghanistan’s Accession to the World Trade Organization

» Muhammad Munir: The Layha for the Mujahideen: An Analysis of the Code of Conduct for the Taliban Fighters under Islamic Law

Section 5: Interdisciplinary and Islamic Studies

» Noah Coburn: Hybrid Forms of Dispute Resolution and Access to Justice in Afghanistan: Conceptual Challenges, Opportunities and Concerns

» Friederike Stahlmann: The Power of Experience: Civil-war Effects on Seeking Justice through Disputing

» Tom Ginsburg: An Economic Interpretation of Pashtunwali

Section 6: Rule of Law

» Tilmann J. Röder: Civil-Military Cooperation in Building the Rule of Law

Literature Reviews and Conference Reports

» Elisa Novic: Afghan Legal Studies Conference, 1-3 December 2014, Kabul

Abstracts of the Articles of the 1393 Issue

Abstracts in Dari
Abstracts in Pashto
Abstracts in English